Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Real Estate

Open your Luxury property to real estate agents in the Coldwell Banker network across the globe reaching:

92,000 Agents World Wide

3000 Offices

49 Countries

The power, reach and recognition of the Coldwell Banker® brand extends beyond international boundaries. Leadership and experience elevate the brand. The Coldwell Banker name resonates with affluent consumers and professionals in the luxury real estate space.

Coldwell Banker is recognized around the world for leadership and delivering premium experiences. The luxury market is no exception. We have a rich heritage and a proven record of selling some of the world’s most iconic homes and celebrity estates.

The Coldwell Banker® brand*:

· Handles more than $148.7 million in $1 million-plus homes each day

· Represents more than 28,746 in $1 million-plus homes

· Attained a $1.9 million average sales price for $1 million-plus homes

It comes as no surprise that the Coldwell Banker name resonates strongly with affluent consumers and professionals in the luxury real estate space.

Combining an appreciation for what it takes to consistently exceed expectations and create exceptional experiences for some the most discerning clients with the reach and the reputation of the Coldwell Banker brand, our new program is poised to usher in the next generation of high end real estate.

The name itself — Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® — is simple, memorable and reflects the core essence of the brand. Our new mark, rendered in black and white, is a visual representation of the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury promise in its purest form.

* Average daily sales. Data based on closed and recorded transaction sides of homes sold for more than $1 million (USD$) or more as reported by the U.S. Coldwell Banker® franchise system for the calendar year 2017.